White Volta

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White Volta
White Volta in the Dry Season.jpg
White Volta in the dry season (Ghana)
Volta river black white red descriptions.PNG
White Volta shown in white
CountriesGhana and Burkina Faso
Physical characteristics
MouthVolta River
 • location
Lake Volta
 • coordinates
9°10′00″N 1°15′00″W / 9.16667°N 1.25000°W / 9.16667; -1.25000Coordinates: 9°10′00″N 1°15′00″W / 9.16667°N 1.25000°W / 9.16667; -1.25000
Length885 km (550 mi)
Basin size117,200 km2 (45,300 sq mi)
 • locationMouth

The White Volta or Nakanbé is the headstream of the Volta River, Ghana's main waterway.[1][2] The White Volta emerges in northern Burkina Faso, flows through North Ghana and empties into Lake Volta in Ghana.[1] The White Volta's main tributaries are the Black Volta and the Red Volta.[1]


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