Slušaj mater

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Slušaj mater
Studio album by
GenreRap, Bosnian hip hop
LabelFm Jam Records (Bosnia), Menart Records (Croatia), Bassivity Music (Serbia)
ProducerKoolade, Dash, Shot
Edo Maajka chronology
Slušaj mater
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Slušaj mater was Edo Maajka's debut album and achieved significant popularity, especially in Bosnia. It was the first rap album to win the Davorin music award for best album of the year in that region.


In Edo's debut album, he addresses subjects ranging from bloody revenge in the song Saletova Osveta to tragic love in Mahir i Alma. He also talks about great fighters (soldiers) in the Yugoslav war and black market dealers in the song Sverc Komerc. Pare, Pare is a song about being rich and having everything he ever wanted. In the song Znaš Me, Edo talks about his dislike of drugs, politics, and government. He talks about drug dealers and how he hates them, to the point where he kills two drug dealers in the song. He also raps about the paranormal and aliens in the song Prikaze which is about how some creatures are in his dreams and haunt him. In the song Jesmo'l Sami he talks about aliens and how they might live compared to us.


This album was produced mainly by Dash with the help of Shot and Koolade. All songs were recorded by Mladen Malek in studio 25. Mix is by Silvio Pasarić in studio Morris, with additional mixing by Shot and Koolade in studio 25. The mastering was done by Miro Vidović in studio Morris. The cover was done by EdoAlmin Chel and logo by Filip Tattoos. It was all released on the MenArt label and Fm Jam records.


The album received overwhelming praise from critics. It is stated as the hip hop album that broke all boundaries in the Balkan hip hop scene (including Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia). Edo Maajka is praised for his almost perfect flow on every song. Edo began being called pop version of hip hop. The production was praised as the best production of all hip hop albums to date. Edo was overwhelmingly praised for his lyrics, and for interesting and original songs which include Prikaze (a song about creatures that haunted him, Jesmo'l sami (a song about alien life and how it compares to life on earth), De-ža-vu (a story that takes us through his dream). With these songs, Edo hit territory that no other rapper had crossed before. With this album Edo Maajka became a hot spot for interviews, recension, and analysis.[1]

Track list[edit]

# Title Featured guest(s) Producer Translation
1 Intro Dash Intro
2 Slušaj mater Koolade Listen to Your Mother
3 Minimalni rizik Dash Minimal Risk
4 Rado viđen Dash Gladly Seen
5 Jesmo'l sami Đuro (Introduction) Koolade Are we alone
6 Saletova Osveta Dash Sale's Revenge
7 Prikaze Dash Apparitions
8 Recitacija Dash Recitation
9 Mahir i Alma Shot Mahir and Alma
10 Faca (Intro) Dash The Man (Intro)
11 Faca Shot The Man
12 Znaš Me (Intro) Dash You Know Me (Intro)
13 Znaš Me Sandra and Andrea Dash You Know Me
14 Šverc Komerc Stoka Dash Smuggling Komerc
15 De-Ža-Vu Remi Shot Deja Vu
16 Šank Nered, Bizzo and Mirza Dash The Bar
17 Pare, Pare Dash Money, Money
18 Molitva El Bahatee and Nikola Dash Prayer
19 Za I Protiv Dash For And Against
20 Nemoj Se Bojat' Dash Don't Be Scared
21 Outro Dash Outro


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