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I must update this one day, but for now my most recent info is on my webpage at

I'm a political scientist at the University of Tasmania.

Articles I've started - Alexander Pearce, William Lanne, Matthew Brady (bushranger), Mannalargenna, Fanny Cochrane Smith.

About Me[edit]

My real name is Wayne McLean and I was born in Launceston, Tasmania, lived in London, England for six years, and now I'm back in Tasmania.

I've loved encyclopedias ever since I was a kid, so I've become quite hooked in the short time I've been exploring this site. It's great I can make contributions to articles about George Augustus Robinson or Lake Pedder - topics that would not normally be included in you average paper reference book.

I'm a keen photographer and owner of the excellent Nikon D100. It's great to be able to put some of my photos of things like the Tasmanian Devil or Jerusalem to great use.

My former job was as a Web Developer/Programmer Analyst with a large US investment banking firm. I specialized in building web applications with ASP, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, CSS and XHTML.

Now I study and teach International Relations.

Places I've been[edit]

I never left Australia until I was 23. Now I love to travel...

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