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Aluion, editcountitis free since 2003.

(Actually, I was anonymously editcountitis free since 2001, but 2001 wouldn't rhyme and doesn't sound as catchy.)

Activity, and Lack Thereof[edit]

Most of my edits are anonymous edits; I rarely bother to login anymore. After all, I was anonymously contributing for two years before I bothered to create an account. Still, I'm lurking around and I occasionally check my talk page. I formerly had a section here about taking a "wikibreak", but it seems my wikibreak wasn't wiki at all, if you'll pardon the horrible pun.

Origin of Aluion[edit]

Aluion is a Metasyntactic variable I use in BASIC and C++ programming. It's also what I chose for a username on several websites and instant messaging programs. Due to the relative lack of people using random but somewhat pronounceable characters as usernames, it generally is not taken as a username, so I do not have to add several numbers at the end of it.

It should be pronounced ah LU yon, not alu i on. Many people have 'mispronounced' it while in voice chat.


I have studied several languages, and have amassed some knowledge about various ones, some of them not mentioned on my Babel listing (those that I only know basic sentences from). I have even experimented in making my own language, which now has it's own MediaWiki project (not affiliated or to be confused with WikiMedia), which I will not be listing here.

Given all of this, I still prefer that people write messages to me here using English. This is the English Wikipedia, after all, and English is probably the most..ah..interesting language I've studied.