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Monterrey, MX
Map of location of Monterrey, Nuevo León
MTYThis user is from Monterrey.
Flag of Mexico.svgThis user comes from Mexico.
Crystal Clear app date.pngToday is 29 November, 2020.
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Flag of Mexico.svgThis user is originally from Mexico but lives in the U.S..Flag of the United States.svg
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My travels
Visited: Mexico United States Canada Colombia Spain England France Vatican City Belgium Italy China Hong Kong Japan
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This user has visited or driven through 8 of the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

esEste usuario tiene el español como lengua materna.
enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.

My Favorite Media...
Nuvola apps knewsticker.png This user reads El Norte on a regular basis.
National Public Radio logo.svgThis user listens to NPR.
WWDTMThis user would like to win Carl Kassell's voice on his home answering machine.
SciFriThis user likes to make science radio-active.
NETThis user listens to radio over the Internet.
PCThis user listens to podcasts.
napThis user used Napster back when it was free.
Isaac.Asimov01.jpgThis user's hero is Isaac Asimov.
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C&HThis user reads Calvin and Hobbes.
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Carl Sagan-50x50.jpgThis user's personal hero is Carl Sagan.
^_^This user watches anime.
Video-x-generic.svgThis user enjoys films.
KubrickThis user thinks that Stanley Kubrick is the greatest director of all time.
The Good In this world, there's two kinds of users: Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.
Zip...This user is a fan of Song of the South.
SEINThis user is obsessed with Seinfeld... not that there's anything wrong with that!
HThis user believes that everybody lies.
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This user knows it all started with a Big Bang (BANG!!!)
Cocktail1.jpg This user likes his Martinis shaken, not stirred.
PULPThis user does not think Marsellus Wallace looks like a bitch.
FC This user is not a beautiful or unique snowflake.
MatrixThis user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
Melange This user has a spice addiction.
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This user is very cool
please consider that while forming an opinion

I am a 29 year old Mexican citizen originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. I have also lived in Phoenix, AZ , Mexico City, Victoria, British Columbia and Madrid. My birthday is August 16, 1982.

My user nickname comes from Hari Seldon, and the Foundation series of Isaac Asimov.

You can read my personal blog (in spanish), or visit my digital business card. As you can see, I am also a big fan of userboxes. If you read them all, you'll find a great deal about me. I am a believer of economic liberalism, but I like to think of myself as politically independent. I don't have a preference for any political party.

My thanks to Alex for all the code I copied from him. I hope he doesn't mind.

Things I've created:

Articles I contribute to/I'm interested in:

All of my contributions can be found here.

Awards and Barnstars:

Gold barnstar 2.png The Business and Economics Barnstar
I award you this Barnstar for your high quality work in the article Economy of Mexico. Your contributions are very appreciated and I personally want you to be around here for a long time. Congratulations! AlexCovarrubias Flag of Mexico.svg Black ribbon.png ( Let's talk! ) 08:09, 30 April 2007 (UTC)

About me...
BAThis user has a Bachelor of Arts degree.
TECThis user attends or attended the Tecnológico de Monterrey.
MBAThis user has an MBA degree.
Mortarboard.jpgThis user studied at Thunderbird.
UANLThis user attends or attended the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.
Sciences humaines.svgThis user loves knowledge.
evol-3 This user accepts the theory of evolution.
Hubble ultra deep field.jpgThis user, based on evidence and current consensus, thinks that the Universe began with a bang.
This user is made out of Carbon.
MeerkatAtHappyHollow white background.jpg This user is a mammal.
Krone Kaiser Rudolf II Kaisertum Österreich.jpg This user is a monarch, or a megalomaniac.
YouThis user was named 2006 Person of the Year by Time magazine.
LCD Leo is my astrological sign.
This user was born in the year of the Dog.Dog 2.svg
♂This user is male.
BBThis user contributes using a broadband connection.
Screwit.svgThis user reserves the right to completely screw up his own edits.
Crystal Clear app aim3.pngThis user has no understanding of time and does everything at the last minute.
Unbalanced scales.svgThis user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.
Spaceship airborn right.jpgThis user loves spaceships

My Political Views & Preferences...
A coloured voting box.svgThis user is interested in politics.
Peace symbol.svgThis user does not understand mean people. Please be nice.
Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg This user supports a deep reform of the United Nations.
North American Union This user supports the idea of a North American Union. Canada
United States of America
United Mexican States
Hamilton small.jpgThis user likes Alexander Hamilton.
Female.svgMale.svgThis user supports gender equality.
Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
This user thinks that Wikipedia has become too bureaucratic.

My Sports Preferences...
Soccerball.svg This user plays real football, not the American version.
Soccer ball.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Football.
Mexico-bandera.png This user is a fan of Mexican Football

Escudo del Club de Fútbol Tigres UANL.svg
This user supports
Club Tigres de la UANL.