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This template is for specifying the use of fonts that follow the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative[1]'s standard for encoding characters useful to medievalists in the Private Use Area, when such characters are required. It should be used sparingly, as fonts supporting MUFI characters are not widespread.

To use it, add {{mufi|your text}} in an article where it is needed. Gwalla | Talk 17:37, 23 May 2005 (UTC)

Please don't specify fonts this way. My OS and web browser are perfectly capable of displaying all Unicode characters if I have suitable fonts installed, and I don't need you overriding my choice.
To work around the broken font facility of MS Internet Explorer, please implement this template the way tl:IPA has been done, or put the font specification in an MSIE-specific style sheet, or in your own user style sheet. Thanks. Michael Z. 2005-10-30 16:56 Z
You're missing the point. This template is needed not to take care of browser (read MSIE) bugs in font display, but it is needed to make sure a MUFI font is used. All MUFI characters exist in the PUA, and since there is no guarantee user's preferred fonts will happen to have the right characters at the correct position, the fonts must be specified. Jordi· 20:35, 30 October 2005 (UTC)
Okay, I get it. Different fonts have different characters altogether in these positions. But keep in mind that depending on the font selection present, some machines will always show the wrong character (not necessarily no character).
When this template is used, it should always be clearly explained that results may vary. Best to minimize the usage, or try to always offer a graphic alternative or explanation if possible. Michael Z. 2005-11-1 02:48 Z
I added such a note to the template itself, have a look at R rotunda to see it in action. Maybe it could be worded better. --tiny plastic Grey Knight 08:45, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
In fact, maybe it should point off to some Wikipedia:MUFI rather than MUFI... --tiny plastic Grey Knight 08:48, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

font order changed[edit]

I've moved the fonts TITUS Cyberbit Basic and Junicode to the last position because they're not complete. An incomplete font in the first position caused my Firefox 1.0.7 (OS X) to break the display of any character missing in that font (if you happen to have that font which I do, having installed both Junicode and TITUS etc.).

The former incorrect version was <span style="font-family: Junicode, TITUS Cyberbit Basic, Alphabetum, Cardo, LeedsUni, Notator Uni;"></span>. It looked thusly:

The present corrected version enables a correct display (<span style="font-family: Alphabetum, Cardo, LeedsUni, Junicode, TITUS Cyberbit Basic;"></span>). It looks thisly:

I also removed Notator Uni since it appearently doesn't exist (yet). -- j. 'mach' wust | 21:18, 8 November 2005 (UTC)